Can a JP notarise a document?

If a document is required to be notarised, this is usually carried out by a Notary Public. You may choose to check with the agency, etc, issuing the document to see if a NZ JP is acceptable. It’s up to you to ascertain whether a NZ JP may sign… or you will have to make an appointment to see a Notary Public.

Can a NZ JP take my Australian Statutory Declaration?

New Zealand JPs do not have authority to take Australian Statutory Declarations UNLESS the form specifically includes a statement that a New Zealand Justice of the Peace may administer the Declaration.

Do I need to show ID to the JP?

Check with the JP when you make an appointment. It will depend on the service required. If you are attending a Service Desk you should take a photo ID (Passport, Driver Licence) in case it’s needed.

I need to make an Affidavit but I don’t want to swear on the Bible

You may swear on a holy book other than the Bible. There is an alternative to swearing: you may affirm, which carries the same importance as swearing on a holy book. This is called an Affirmation, made in front of the JP.

What does it cost to visit a JP?

Nothing. Our services are provided absolutely free of charge.
JPs are not allowed to accept payment nor any kind of gift.

If you ask a JP to photocopy a document for you, they may ask you to pay for the copy.

What should I take when I go to visit a JP?

Bring some form of photo ID such as your passport or driver licence.

Bring any notes or instructions that came with your document.
This will help the JP to complete the task correctly.

If you want the JP to certify copies of documents

  • make copies of your originals before seeing the JP
  • take the originals and the copies with you, so they can be compared
  • sort the originals and the copies into separate groups with the documents in the same order

Why do I need to ring so many JPs before I can get one that is available?

Some JPs may be at work or on holiday. If you can’t find one near your home, try near your work or consider going to a Service Desk where no appointment is necessary.

What does accreditation mean?

You may see this label next to a JPs name.

Accreditation is a process that allows JPs to strive for excellence in their delivery of quality services to the New Zealand community.

To gain accreditation, a JP has to complete a 50 question on-line assessment with at least 90% correct. The result is valid for 2 years. They must also participate in (or deliver) a learning activity of at least 1 hour’s duration each year.

So accreditation is a way in which the public can have confidence that the Justice of the Peace they are dealing with has the skills, current knowledge and competence to do the task. 

Will JPs certify copies of a document that is not in English?

Check with the JP first. Provided the JPs can satisfy themselves the copy is an exact copy or is able to photocopy the document (or witness the photocopy of the document), then they should be able to certify the copy.

Can a JP certify a copy when the original is on line?

Yes – If the original has been downloaded and printed from the Internet, the JP will need to see the “original” on a cellphone, lap-top or similar device that is connected to the Internet.   It is up to you to ensure that the JP can access and view the original via wifi etc.,

How do I find a JP?

JPs are available at some 22 Service Desks: there is likely to be one near you and open at popular times. No appointment needed. Find it in the Service Desks section on our website Home page.

If you wish to make an appointment with your local JP go to ‘Find a JP’